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A Close
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We adhere to maximize value and recover all materials at the end of its product’s Life cycle. We Believe in the ideology of “From the Nature to the Nature”


Keeping green future in minds, we are starving to meet human needs with renewable resources.


Green on india’s Products are certified Degradable & Compostable

Things You Should Know About Composting

Compost is an organic material that can be added to the soil to help plants grow. The remaining food and other waste can reach about 30% of what we throw away, which should be used as compost.

Say "NO" to the "PLASTIC"

With Plastic products becoming all-pervasive in our lives, it is becoming harder and harder for people to think of life without plastic!

End Of The (Plastic Bag) World!

2018 is just around the corner and it’s that time of the year to make resolutions.

Solution for renewable packing solution

This startup is the solution for renewable packing solution

Our Range of Products

All the products of Green On India are bio-based, fully compostable and have similar physical properties as the conventional plastic. Our products are manufactured from Natural Starch, Vegetable derivatives and Vegetable waste. The natural structure of starch gives the required tensile strength to the product to carry heavy loads.
We adhere to our strict production processes to guarantee 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable certified products. Our products depict transparency, flexibility, strength, durability and have enough shelf life.

Cutlery & Straws

Cutlery and straws are made from organic bio-compounds which are totally safe and doesn't leach harmful chemicals even in higher…


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Shopping Bags

Certified 100% compostable bags made from bio-organic substances ensure flexibility and re-usability. These bags do not turn soggy with moisture,…


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Garbage Bags

It is used to collect organic waste around your homes and community, these 100% compostable bags have superior strength and…


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U/V Cut Bags

These are generally used while buying fresh vegetables and fruits. They have great tensile strength, due to the inherent property…


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“Green is the Prime Color of the world and that from which it’s loveliness arises”

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