100% compostable cutlery and straws

Cutlery and straws are made from organic bio-compounds which are totally safe and doesn’t leach harmful chemicals even in higher temperature food. Re-usable and completely safe to use, these products are available in customisable shapes, colours, and sizes.

All our products have high heat resistance and are engineered to handle hot foods and liquids. They are strong and sturdy. They do not contain any conventional plastic material such as polystyrene, polypropylene etc., that are not biodegradable.

Garbage Bags

It is used to collect organic waste around your homes and community, these 100% compostable bags have superior strength and breathability to help reduce odours. A wide variety of sizes are available, ranging from domestic kitchen dustbins to large collection bins. Customised solutions are also available. Since these are made from organic substances, they can be dumped in your dustbins and landfills where they will decompose in a span of approx 180 days.

Shopping Bags

Certified 100% compostable bags made from bio-organic substances ensure flexibility and reusability. These bags do not turn soggy with moisture, as compared to paper bags. Thus they are the best-preferred choice for carrying frozen products from the supermarkets. Varied colours and sizes are available.

U/V Cut Bags

These are generally used while buying fresh vegetables and fruits. They have great tensile strength, due to the inherent property of the starch. These bags also allow breathability of the fresh produce stored inside them. Functional design along with breathability makes them the apt choice to carry fresh produce.

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